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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Octubre de 2010.

Carni di primà qualità (english)

Títle:    Carni di prima qualità 

Artistic direction: Natxo Montero

Creation /Interpretation: Patricia Fuentes  y Natxo Montero.

Lighting: Natxo Montero_danza

Production: Teatro Mutante S.L

Photography: Jesús Vallinas

Partners: Centro Coreográfico de  La Gomera, Festival B Motion (Italy), Paso a 2-Madrid, Residence Program at La Fundición theatre -Bilbao, Residence Program at La Caldera-Barcelona.

Project funded by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government. 

We thank Desi for always being there, our ‘cuadri’, Nagore and Quique, and those who put their faith in us.


Skin, flesh, sound and movement. Different elements that interact displacing the female/male binary ordering and the hierarchical relations that emerge from it. 

In Carni di prima qualità the body is (dis)ordered differently: there is no gender, only crashes, friction, skin sliding at varying speed and intensity that generates movement and produces sound through contact. 

Carni di prima qualità speaks about those moments and situations desired and undesired that happen to all in life. 


Carni di prima qualità was awarded a second prize at the XXII Coreographic Contest of Madrid in 2009, winning a residence in the Centre of Creation La Caldera (Barcelona). It was awarded the first prize by the jury CHOREOGRAM (group of European choreographers attending the Certamen). The piece also won a Residency of  Creation at La Fundicion (Bilbao) in October 2010. 

Natxo Montero_danza

Natxo Montero Danza is a young company born in Bilbao in 2008. Its first piece, CUADRA-T, was presented that year in the Coreographic Contest of Madrid, winning three awards. After more than 35 performances in national and international festivals and theatres, CUADRA-T is still active and is programmed for future festivals.

At present the company is immersed in the creative process of its second work, Carni di Prima qualità, which will be presented in full in the Autumn of 2010.


Natxo Montero Matía (Bilbao, 1972) enters the dance world at a young age, initially doing traditional Basque dance, and training in contemporary dance subsequently. During this time he also trains as an electrician.

As a performer he worked in companies such as Organik, Steak Tartar, Pisando Ovos, Sofie Saller and Felix Ruckert Company, Company Francoise Murcia, Company Rialto Fabrik Nomade, at the Galician Coreographic Centre and with the collective RUeMANIAK.

He created the piece CUADRA-T, and interpreted it alongside Alvaro Esteban at the Coreographic Contest of Madrid in 2008, where the piece received three awards. In 2009, Montero received the second prize in the Coreographic Contest of Madrid for the piece Carni di prima qualita, created in partnership with Patricia Fuentes.

Patricia Fuentes Millán (Bilbao 1977) graduated from the Theatre School of Basauri and the Theatre School of Bizkaia. She also trained in physical theatre and contemporary dance with different teachers. She has worked as an actress and dancer in various companies and directed several performances. Alongside her work with Natxo Montero, she works with young people at risk of social exclusion as a social educator in the project Xarxa at L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. She is also involved in giving theatre and dance training.


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